Writing A College Essay On Popular Culture In 30 Minutes

Intriguingly, for the last two millenniums; the world has been a synopsis of cultures. We have had different cultures in Europe, Asia; Latin America and Africa. There was one common thread however. All the cultures were puritan and stuck to roots.

  • Alternative means
  • The end of 19th century however offered new means of living and enjoying life. This was termed pop or popular culture. It can be phrased as alternative method of living. If you wish to get information on this and the other trends, we recommend this site.

    When you need to write an essay on popular culture in 30 minutes, you have to pick hard at the major attributes. The emphatic props that a culture stands on are its mode of communications, enjoyment; recreation, education and awareness.

  • The biding revolutions
  • You can sit tightly on the new revolutions in mass media and how it influences a larger lot now. How the world has grown vividly out of the traditional music and art. How the languages have become more diffracting and new jargons have entered our lives.

    You can also pontificate on the convenience quotient that popular culture has brought to our lives. Instead of staying stiff with puritan ideas; we can incorporate new-age ideas to make our lives more comfortable and far-reaching.

  • The other side
  • You should also bring the other side of the moon. You cannot ignore how popular culture has made some of us deviant and even rebellious. How we have suddenly begun to see the societies in restrictive light. How we feel excited to change the trends and revolutionize the world; shedding past cultures. Women’s liberation is a lightening example of this.

    The new world is quite comfortable with same-sex marriage; infidelity, pornography; live-in relations; nuclear families, treatment of fathers as friends by kids. It is clear that these would not be allowed if we stuck to our traditional cultures. You can assess whether these changes are for the better or not.

  • Greater independence
  • One thing is clear; now there is greater independence and a better space for encouragement of creativity. Pop culture has given us all an avenue to chart; almost offering us a new brain. It urges us to think of new ways to explore our environment and grow out of our limitations. It is a beacon to the future and should be lauded for that.

    You can, of course, gain more information on pop culture through cultured enquiries. You can stick to the pointers and move along the lines if you wish to cut a fast essay.