The Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing An Opinion Essay

Writing an opinion essay can be a very difficult task as it defines your personality. You have to be very calculative and should choose the appropriate side to justify your opinion. Once chosen based on your thoughts, your writing process can become quite easy.

Do’s and don’ts of writing

Opinionated writings are usually controversial. Based on your topic, motive and length of the composition are some of the deciding elements.


  • Gather material that supports your opinion: The supportive elements should be in harmony with the composition of your writing. Quote the opinions or arguments of previous authors. Tell why you agree or disagree with those opinions.

  • Make a proper transition: While supporting with any viewpoint or standing against the opinion, a proper transition of statement should be made. The opening or ending should not sound abrupt.

  • Ensure that you do not sound sarcastic: For example, there are millions of students that belong to low income families though are highly intelligent and have the capability to excel in studies but can’t manage to give their best due to lack of resources. You should consider all the parameters while writing and write in a highly professional manner maintaining the standard.

  • Do not use emotional touch: Also avoid any language that uses accusation. When starting the writing, you should analyse your opposition’s viewpoint too. It will help you analyse your pitfalls.

  • Narrow down your topic: It is the most brainstorming part of any composition.

  • Be to the point: Readers do not want to linger on with your writing. Your each and every word should be substantial and interesting.

  • Prepare a list: Make a list of all the chief elements that you will be discussing. It will help you in formatting an organised piece.
  • Don'ts:

  • Do not write confusing statements: State only those elements that you are confident about. If anything sounds confusing, do not discuss. Or refer as many resources as you can till the time you are satisfied with the content.

  • Never get derailed: Stay on the track. Every single sentence should be directly linked with the essay topic.

  • Do not commit grammatical mistakes: Pay attention to your sentence structure and grammar part. Do not forget to revise again and again.

  • Do not forget to prepare the first and then the second draft: This is vital and keeps you concise, clear and organised all the time.

  • Do not be repetitive: It will make your essay monotonous.

  • Avoid plagiarism at all cost: If this aspect is not taken care of, your all hard hitting and dynamic efforts can turn into vain.