Creating A Problem Solution Essay On Culture Shock

Are you working on your upcoming problem solution essay on culture shock? This is a very fascinating subject to write about because we live in a multicultural environment nowadays. In the first place, you should define the problem so as to be able to develop an effective solution. For instance, if you have travelled to different countries, you may have an idea about this phenomenon. Cultural differences become more evident when you go abroad, as the common signs and symbols that we are used to disappear. People expresses body language in other ways and we could get confused in the cultural shift if we do not get ready for this experience.

What is culture shock like?

There are some common signs which define this phenomenon, such as language misunderstanding or unfamiliarity with new foods. Even if you speak a foreign language, there is always a lack of understanding when you are abroad. The accent and the slang makes the experience puzzling; speaking another language at the street is not as easy as listening to a foreign language in a classroom. Then, how can you get ready for the experience beforehand?

Stating the solution

Once you have explained the problem, you should proceed to develop the solution. You should notice that the same tips are not as effective for everyone. Therefore, you should present some alternatives to your readers, such as:

  • Keep an open mind. In order to minimize the possible effects of the shock, you should think about it before going on the trip. Doing some mind work will always ease any confusing situations which make take place.

  • Prepare the listening. Another good idea is to practice your communication skills in advance. If you speak a foreign language, why not catching up on your listening? What's more, you could also try getting your speaking refreshed just in case. By doing so, you will be ready to communicate with foreigners more efficiently.

  • Be ready for the situation. Organize yourself in order to avoid misunderstandings. Thinking about the experience serves to prepare yourself for any unforeseen circumstances.

  • If everything fails, have a friend who know the place. Everything is easier when you have someone who knows how to manage on your destination, consider calling a friend.

In conclusion, there are quite a few alternatives to keep in mind when creating a solution to culture shock situations. You should expose some of these ideas in your upcoming article.