Ali Baba

Ali Baba is a main character in the Arabian story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The story is one of those that are retold each now and then. The media has been instrumental in telling the story and also retelling it. The story is mainly told to the children by even the elderly. As the story is retold in the Arabian Culture, the violence in the story is omitted and suppressed. This is a way of discouraging the memories of violence in the minds of the children as it would be negative. Ali Baba at the story beginning is a poor man, and his occupation is that of wood cutting in the forests. Ali Baba then fortunately gets lucky and discovers the hideout secret of some thieves. He manages to get inside their den with the help of the use o as a secret phrase he learned. One of her slaves is, however, able to know about the incident. The need for her silence and secret-keeping makes Ali Baba give away his son to her for marriage. The slaves keep Ali Baba’s son whereas Ali Baba keeps the secret and the treasure he manages to acquire from these thieves.

Ali Baba: The Story

Ali Baba had an elder, brother. Their father died, and his brother got wealthier and his wife was rich too. Ali Baba was poor and married a poor wife. As he was in the forest doing wood cutting, Ali Baba learns of a secret place where some thieves stored some treasure. The den or cave needed a phrase to get in and another to get out. Ali Baba learns both of these. Ali Baba gets into the den carrying away a sack of gold to his house. He borrows a weighing scale from his brother. His brother then discovers that that they were weighing gold. Under the pressure from the brother, Ali Baba takes him to the cave. The brother is greedy and wanted to take everything. The thieves meet him inside and kill him. Ali Baba can collect his body. The thieves discover that Ali Baba knew their secret too. Ali Baba with the help of his slave is able to kill all the thieves after their attempts to kill him fail.

Ali Baba Used as Slang

Ali Baba is has been used in war especially by the people in Iraq. It has been in use referring to those suspected to be in offenses of looting and theft.