American Romanticism

In the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, there was a lot of revolution in the literature and the art industry. The revolution was an aftershock of the industrial revolution. It had many phases that made it difficult to perfectly and precisely describe the American Romanticism. It was, however, a great revolution that led to a whole haul over of the philosophy, literature, art, religion and politics. The change resulted in change in the themes that were used and emphasized in the documentation. The new form resulted in acknowledgement of the individual traits. It aimed at promoting personal commitment and the unfolding of oneself. American Romanticism was seen to be a total contrast to what was believed before the change. It did not acknowledge the much need of nationalism and religions. The change did not happen all of a sudden in Europe. It took time and was felt in different countries at different times.

Characteristics of American Romanticism

Before the industrial revolution, literature was dedicated to teaching a lot of how to believe in reason. This changed after the American Romanticism. Research started emphasizing on having immense faith in what you feel. Imagination and senses were the central teachings in the new form of literature. This was entirely different from the formal rules and the reasoning. The new form of literature acknowledged the country life. It hated so much the urban lifestyle. It associated all ills of the society to urbanization. The other character of the American Romanticism was that it cherished divine revelation. What was featured in the arts of literature that followed the industrial revolution was believed to have been revealed to people via the Holy Spirit. The American Romanticism had a great interest in mystical and supernatural things that happened in the medieval past. It was keen on creating rebellion that was aimed at fighting for the rights of the human beings. Romantics aimed so much at creating awareness that would free people from oppression and ensure that individuals gained freedom.

Theme of Autonomy

In all these characteristics, American Romanticism was trying to create individuals that were not dependent on the initial traditional thinking. It was dedicated to creating individuals that were not subject to rules and formalities of the past. It aimed at making individuals follow their own feelings and to have whet their imagination told them was right for them.