Mexican Cultural History

Mexican people have been largely influenced by their cultural heritage. Their culture is both fascinating and diverse, being influenced by their legends and Spanish heritage.

In Mexico today, family is a very important part of their society, and is central to the social structure. Both mothers and fathers are equally important to the family life; with the father being the head.

The history of Mexico has greatly affected their language. Spanish is very commonly spoken in Mexico while the native language is Nahuatl.

History of Mexico

The first Aztec civilization established themselves in 1000 B.C. The Olmecs spread themselves in Mexico, but mysteriously vanished in 400 B.C. Though they only left a few artifacts behind, they did have a large impact on future civilizations.

While other civilizations did have more artistic developments, Aztecs were the most documented of the Mexican ancestors. The Mayans had the most accurate calendar, a fact that changed only over the last century.

The Spanish did not arrive until the 1500’s, when they invaded and took control from the Aztecs. The Cortes man who invaded was believed to be an emissary of Quetzalcoatl; an Aztec god who had traveled east but was rumored to return one day. The Cortes man did not attempt to change the Aztec Emperors belief, and took him hostage. The Aztec people were defeated by the invading army, though many fled only to return a year later. Mexico became the crown of the Spanish Empire, and was pillaged by them as a result.

The Mexicans began to consider their independence in the 1800’s, after Napoleon conquered Spain and put his brother on the throne. A Catholic Priest by the name of their Miguel de Hidalgo y Costilla led an uprising, which continued even after his execution, and was resulted in the war of independence on 27 September 1821. After this point there was a lot of fighting, and a variety of different rulers who controlled Mexico.

Mexican music

Mexican music is rich with cultural elements; many of them feature Aztec drums and their various ceremonies. There are also certain Mayan traditions which can be found in Mexican culture as well.

Mexican paintings

Mexican paintings are not only famous in Mexico but have also gained popularity out in the world too. They contain a wide variety of legends in the paintings, and thus they are the pride of Mexican people.

Mexican legends

Mexican legends have gained a lot of popularity too. The legend of the weeping woman is just one of the many well-known stories. The legend of Quetzalcoatl is very popular too; according to legend he is an important Mexican cosmogony figure.