What Were The Causes And Repercussions Of The French And Indian War?

The French and Indian war, also known as the "Seven Years' War" occurred in the 18th century, and was the bloodiest American war during that time. The war began in the year 1754, and ended in the year 1763. Though the fight began in 1754, the war officially started in the year 1756. The colonies of British America and New France, and also the Native American allies.

Owing to the action and participation of the English and the French in the war, there are causes and repercussions. British Colonists were ready to take over French land that was in North America, and the British also were ready to take over the fur trade which was in the French held territory. Also, both parties wanted the Ohio country.

British America and France were willing to fight and go to war because each of them thought they were entitled to land and both wanted to prove that they were the rightful people to inhabit the region. They both said the Ohio country belongs to them. The native America was afraid that the British army would take over their land, and so they formed an ally with the French soldiers against the British.

When the war eventually started, the French were able to control Canada and the Louisiana territory, and the English were able to control most of the east coast of North America. George Washington and his troop who were fighting for Britain were sent to Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania to take the French away from their new fort. George Washington was conquered, and so the French were able to take control of the entire region.

In the year 1756, the English started to conquer the French, especially in naval battles, and in 1759, General James Wolfe and his army were able to defeat the French, even though General James and his French opponent, General Montcalm, both died during the battle.

When the war ended in the year 1763, it did with the signing of the "Treaty of Paris" The peace treaty saw to it that much of the French land that was in North America was acquired by the British. Since the British won the battle, the French were forced to relocate to Canada and they scattered in different directions and settling in smaller colonies.