Should Animals Be Used In Scientific Research

Can Mice match a human?

This is the first question I would like to ask the scientists, animals cannot express the pain, so why do we torment animals. The most important fact is that there system is entirely different from us.

The extensive use of animals in conducting scientific, biomedical and toxicological research is found to be a debatable concept. However, the contributions of these innocent creatures to the field of medical science and research are undeniable. This practice of using animals for research is considered to be immoral. Also, often questions are raised that if the presence of animal in a testing lab will be reduced to minimum, then the health of human will be put under stake.

In this regard, nowhere the statement of putting animals under testing is justified. The experiments are done on various animals to determine the safety and effectiveness of the drug or medicine and cosmetics. On seeing the flip side, these experiments are dangerous for the health of animals and environment as a whole. Drugs tested by animals are unsafe for humans. As, the results derived from such testing are faulty. Moreover, it has a negative impact on the lives of animal species. These caged animals also get frustrated and feel lonely on being caged for the purpose of testing.

Animal testing is a cruel practice, yet it is considered essential for medical progress. Although, there is no evidence existed so far where it can be clearly stated that products such as cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients tested by animals are beneficial for humans. While undergoing the testing, the animals bleed and suffer like we humans do. As per the research done by British medical journal, few facts that clearly lays down that animal testing is faulty and dangerous for humans. So, keeping this in mind, as humans it is our duty to abandon this evil practice of endangering lives of our species. The power of our 21st century science is unbeatable. Scientists are ordered to adopt to test or conduct experiments by utilizing the latest methods and technology.

A support is initiated by European Citizen’s to stop Vivisection. According to this initiative, a request is made by people to scientists and medicals researchers. It advocates doing a paradigm shift in the process of animal testing. Rigorous amount of campaigning is done to notify people with the adverse effects of using products based out of animal testing. The most preferred way to test medicines or drugs can be done over clones of human.