Winning Argumentative Essay Topics On The Pop Culture

In terms of culture as an overall subject, pop culture is a relatively new idea. Essentially, pop culture can be used to describe most things that aren’t considered to be high culture. Quite often, pop culture might refer to various aspects of music, such as pop music. However, it can also refer to art, film, television, theater, and a wide range of other cultural features.

Due to the nature of the subject such as pop culture, there’s a good chance that you might be writing about it in relation to a subject such as sociology, or any of the other social sciences. Alternatively, you may even be researching pop culture in the 20th century as part of a history course. Ultimately, no matter what subject you are studying for, if you need to write an argumentative essay about the subject, then you will want to think of a good topic to write about.

If the paper that you are writing needs to be based on an argumentative style then you will need to think of a topic that is suitable for this format. As a result, you may wish to consider various topics related to pop culture that can be considered to be controversial in some way. Essentially, controversial issues will generally divide opinion in some way, and will provide society with two or more different points of view about a particular subject. As a result, they are ideal for argumentative essays, as you can then pick one stance to argue about.

To give you an idea of what topics would be suitable, there is a list of various titles below relating to pop culture.

  • Music is the most important influence on pop culture
  • In the 21st century, pop culture would be better described as mass-produced culture
  • Pop culture has been destroyed by media companies who are simply trying to make quick and easy money
  • Pop culture is led by superficial individuals with little regard for artistic values
  • Pop culture has become obsessed with money instead of creativity
  • Pop culture is more important in modern society than high culture
  • Pop culture would not be up to exist without the mass media
  • The mass media determines the popularity of pop culture as opposed to society
  • Proper radio stations should not play pop music
  • Professional sports has been dominated by pop culture towards the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, to the point that competitions have become second priority