A Selection Of 28 Funny Narrative Essay Topics For Middle School

Writing a narrative essay is probably one of the most fun writing assignments you will get in middle school. This is your chance to tell your own story, to narrate a moment or time in your life. No research necessary this essay is about you. The hardest part is deciding what topic to write it on. Humorous topics make your narrative essay more fun to write and read, so it is a great idea to pick a topic or story that makes you laugh.

An important tip in picking a funny essay topic is to find the humor in past situations. You may have trouble thinking of really funny moments in your life but if you just think about stories that stand out in your mind no matter if they were scary or annoying or not funny at the time, you can easily find humor in those situations and make it a great story. The more dramatic the story tends to be; the easier it is to make it funnier.

28 Funny Narrative Essay Topic Ideas for Middle School:

  1. Tell the story behind your nickname
  2. Talk about your most embarrassing moment
  3. Tell a story about getting into trouble
  4. Tell the story of your first day at a new school
  5. Talk about how you met your best friend
  6. Tell a story about an eventful sleepover
  7. Write a story about a camping experience
  8. Talk about facing your biggest fear
  9. Tell the story of the grossest thing you ate
  10. Talk about the strangest gift you have received
  11. Tell a story about learning to dance
  12. Write your story about the worst piece of art you have made or seen
  13. Write a story about getting lost
  14. Tell the story about the time your mom left you somewhere
  15. Give advice to younger kids about being your age using a story from your life
  16. Talk about your strangest family traditions
  17. Tell a story about feeling misunderstood
  18. Describe your family dinner time
  19. Talk about your strangest hobby
  20. Explain how you like to earn money
  21. Write about the worst rules your parents have
  22. Tell a story about your pet doing something awesome
  23. Tell the story about your biggest fight with your siblings
  24. Write about your biggest playground disaster story
  25. Tell a story about your neighbors
  26. Talk about your best and worst sports
  27. Tell a story about traveling with your family
  28. Tell a story about what annoys you the most/ pet peeves

Ultimately, you want a topic or story that ends up having a purpose. Whether you reflect on it or whether the story itself is anecdotal, make sure there is some type of lesson learned or punch line of some sort it gives purpose to the paper! Pick a topic that means something to you or a story that you enjoy telling and you can’t go wrong.