Crafting An Interesting Response Essay On Google Making Us Stupid

The response essay as a type of writing assignment that allows you to communicate a personal viewpoint or opinion on a specific subject – a book, a movie, a song, an argument, etc. One topic that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years is on the idea that Google is Making Us Stupid. We’ve put together this article on how you can craft an interesting response essay on this topic:

  • Conduct Proper Research
  • First start off by researching the topic. This should be done by looking up several resources found online and academic ones found in the library. Since, this is a rather new topic you should find a lot of different opinion pieces. Choose content that is generally fact-based and considered reliable in academic sources.

  • Draft a Thesis Statement
  • Bring your paper into focus by drafting a good thesis statement. Don’t worry about getting the precise words down at this stage. The important thing is that your draft statement is clear and concise. Stick to a single argument use this to guide the rest of the paper along with the supporting evidence.

  • Create a Detailed Outline
  • Take your research information and organize it in a way that you can create a detailed outline. This is a great tool for ordering your discussion topics logically. The outline should keep you on track when you start writing your first draft. Keep the outline beside you as you type and refer to it as often as possible.

  • Write Your First Draft
  • Start writing your first draft early. It’s a good idea to get it all down in a single sitting. Avoid the urge to make corrections as you write the draft, since doing so can disturb your flow of ideas and quickly get you off from the efficient writing you should be doing at this point.

  • Revise Your Draft Essay
  • Set your first draft aside for a few days before you start making revisions. This will let you approach your work with a critical eye. Look for several ways to improve on your work by adding material, rearranging material, or cutting material out.

  • Edit and Proofread
  • The last step in writing an interesting response essay is editing and proofreading. You should leave ample time to do each of these separately and with your complete attention. A great strategy is to do each one in multiple levels: the paper level, the paragraph level, and the sentence level. There are many sites that offer to assist you with your writing assignments. You should consider this service for reliable help from academic experts who can write on just about any topic imaginable.