A Few Inspiring Ideas For Your Essay About Blues Music

Blues music is among the few world class genres of modern music that are available to us. Writing an academic paper about this type of music requires knowledge of both the academia and music. It is a given that you will do your homework as far as the music is concerned. But most first time essayists are found wanting in their knowledge of the academia.

  • The music you listen
  • There are various types of music’s such as sad, romantic, pop, etc. Sometimes the choice of music depends on the circumstance and sometime it is chosen according to the mood of an individual. Suppose if there is any celebration there people will certainly not choose sad music rather they prefer disco music or song which increase their jovial mood and romanticise the atmosphere.

  • What should you include about music in the paper?
  • In Research paper the first thing you should include is that definition of the music, kinds of music and one more thing which is very important that illustration on blues music in the essay. It is because the reader will see the depth of your knowledge therefore it must be contextual.

  • The connect of music and emotions
  • Music has very close relation with our emotions. There is variety of music which reflects various moods such as romantic and sad. When an individual faces hard time in life and becomes upset then he prefers sad music similarly if a person being in love always wishes to listen romantic music.

  • Some interesting topics about Blues music for you to reflect
    • Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin: powerful music and the era
    • Weary Blues by Langston Hughes: the social impact of the blockbuster album
    • The influence of Blue music on integration
    • Comparisons between the blues and hip-hop
    • Blue music: way to bring social change
    • The music of 60s blues and LSD
    • Effects of blues music on the culture of Africa-America
    • Historical importance of Blues music
    • Reggae music and blue music
    • Explore the trend of underground music
    • The role of women in the blues music
    • The importance of black artists in the music of county
    • Country music: ever change culture
    • Symbolism and theme of blues music in America
    • What is the important role of music in the movement of civil rights in US
    • The important role of Latin Musicians in blues music in influencing the glob
    • The impact of historical Slave music on modern music