Composing A Good Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

Young people will respond better to topics that are relative to them and to their age. They care about their world, as well as the world around them. One of these topics may be drinking and driving. When composing a good persuasive essay on drinking and driving use our ideas and tips.

Ideas and Tips for Your Persuasive Essay on Drinking and Driving

  • Use statistics -there will be many statistics on the subject. Using these statistics for support will help to create a good persuasive essay. These facts could be on rate of incidents, rate of injuries, data broken down by age, rate of deaths, or state-by-state statistics. Make sure that you always use reputable and credible databases.

  • A story will make a good hook - in your introduction you will want a hook in order to grab the attention of your readers. Your hook makes a big difference in your paper. If you have a story about a person who was drinking and driving, then you have a good hook.

  • Watch the un-supported emotions - this is a very emotional subject. Every few moths you hear about a young person who lost his or her life in an accident because of alcohol. This is tragic, but true. This fact and any other emotional facts can be used in the paper if the emotional ideas are supported by hard, credible facts. Emotions are good, as long as the emotions are supported.

  • Remember it is a persuasive paper -the essay is persuasive. You are trying to prove something about drinking and driving. Obviously, drinking while driving cause accidents, but you need to be more specific and less obvious. A good topic may be to prove that a certain age group has more incidents or a certain city has more problems. Try not to be too obvious or predictable in the composition.

  • In-text Citations and Reference Sheet -because you will need data, stories, quotes, and statistics to prove your point, you will need to have in-text citations. And once you use an in-text citation that means you will need a reference sheet. Your teacher will tell you if he or she wants a bibliography or a Works Cited, and if it should be annotated or not.

When composing a good persuasive essay on drinking and driving, use our valuable and easy to use tips and hints.