A Guide To An Essay About Maintaining A True Friendship

When you are required to write on a topic as interesting as friendship, you would certainly love to write it yourself instead of getting professional writing assistance. Wouldn’t you? However, the length required for the essay is quite an important factor. While in a short essay you can select a specific and a more focused topic and elaborate on it, for a longer essay, you can add about 4-5 topics as subsections of the essay and write briefly on each. Before you start, you must ensure that you plan out exactly what it is that you would like to put on paper.

  1. Think about what friendship means to you and your life. Use your personal experiences to create your personalized idea on the subject of maintaining a true friendship. Jot down anything that comes to mind as this becomes the content you work with. This will be the body. Brainstorm over this and take your time. Make sure you have plenty of content that is not in repetition!
  2. Structure and format and very important when writing an essay. Maintain the same handwriting or font and the size should be uniform. There must be a division of ideas and thoughts with paragraphs (no monologue!). Make your work neat and presentable. The font should be legible. To spice things up, be original with your content and put them into brief points, making them easier to go through. Ensure that each paragraph is as long as it needs to be.
  3. Avert flowery language and remember that it is an essay. There must be a good flow of writing and maintaining the word limit is a must. Remember to cross check this when you complete the essay. You may if you so desire, add quotations in relation to the topic to enhance your writing and the points being made. Friendship comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, so there is plenty to write about. When giving your personal opinion, avoid making it too personal and try to lean on the objective edge as everyone's views on the same would be relative.
  4. In writing any essay, maintain formality and professionalism. Keep grammatical errors and spelling errors at bay. Try to avoid the frequency in the change of tense. Keep it as much to the present as possible.
  5. Start with a strong introduction, then body and end with your conclusion. Do not make the introduction long as the reader will lose interest.

Wrap up the entire thing by concluding on a positive note. Follow each of these steps to effectively write your essay.