Features Of A Professionally Written And Edited Custom Essay

There is no doubt that a professional academic writer is more than likely capable of composing a custom essay that is significantly better than a student can. It’s the professional’s job by the way and he’s trained for years. He also isn’t overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and stresses that come from being a full-time student. But what features should you actually expect by an assignment purchased online from a professional service? This short list should help you identify the key features:

  • An Informative Introduction
  • When you buy an essay online you should be able to immediately tell if it was done by a professional immediately in the first paragraph. A great introduction should include a hook sentence followed by three or four sentences that provide all essential background information to provide the right context for the rest of the paper.

  • A Clear and Concise Thesis
  • The introduction should always include a clear and concise thesis statement (usually placed at the end) which provides the precise topic and argument which will be made. Generally, this statement should be expressed using a simple sentence with no confusing words or constructions. If you have trouble knowing what the writer is arguing for, then it’s likely a sign of a cheap essay service.

  • Argumentative Body Paragraphs
  • The main part or meat of an essay is often referred to as the body paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs may vary depending on the type of assignment and topic, but generally the most common form will include three paragraphs. Each one should begin with a topic sentence, followed by supporting examples or evidence, and finally some interpretive statement tying all the information together. Professionally written body paragraphs will also transition smoothly from one topic to the next giving the entire assignment a sense of cohesiveness.

  • A Summary/Synthesis in the Conclusion
  • The last paragraph, or conclusion, should include a brief summary and synthesis of the thesis and main ideas communicated in the body paragraphs. This section shouldn’t be a simple copy and paste of the previous text; it should be reiterated using different words. The conclusion serves, most importantly, to remind the reader exactly what has been discussed and how it all works together to prove the central argument.

  • Completely Edited and Proofread
  • The last feature of well-written assignment is that it is expertly edited and proofread. Editing is an activity done to make sentences more clear and concise, while using shorter words with direct meanings. Proofreading is a thorough correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.