How Marijuana Change Dreams And Sleep

Marijuana has been consumed for centuries for medical, recreational, and spiritual purposes. However, marijuana has dangerous side-effects which are related to aggressive acts and health issues. Consequently, in the early 20th century, marijuana was banned in many countries. But, recently the government of the U.S. is considering legalizing marijuana since it has medical benefits such as relieving insomniacs’ sufferings. It is certain that marijuana can help them by affecting their dreams and sleep patterns.

Marijuana and sleep

It has been proven that marijuana can ease falling asleep because marijuana contains THC substance which is classified as psychoactive ingredients. In 1973, a research was conducted by serving nine insomniacs marijuana. In the research, the insomniacs could sleep faster and it was reported that the time needed to fall asleep had been reduced by an hour on average. However, on the other hand, insomniacs who consumed too high dose of marijuana could not fall asleep easily.

Marijuana was also reported to lead a longer sleep hours. Studies conducted showed that the subjects had longer sleep by consuming more marijuana. But, too high dose of marijuana was not recommended as it would lead to hangover experience.

Moreover, the amount of deep sleep can be increased by consuming the drug. Deep sleep or slow wave sleep is one of the stages of sleep cycle that people experience when they will wake up. It is believed that deep sleep has a big role in restoration process during sleep. The good news is the longer deep sleep period can indicate that the person has no blood pressure issue.

Marijuana and dreams

Consuming marijuana before sleeping may lead to fewer dreams experienced. The main reason is marijuana can lead to less Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage in sleep cycle. REM stage is the only stage where people can experience dreams and hence with reduced REM stage will cause fewer dreams. Fortunately, the reducing REM stage has no serious negative effect since scientists have no idea what the actual purpose of REM stage is.

It is clear that marijuana is really able to relieve insomnia by changing insomniacs’ sleep patterns. Moreover, if the patients consume marijuana according to the prescription, they will experience no negative effect.