A Manual For Composing An Excellent Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay is one of the easiest things you will have to do in school. It is really simple and does not involve establishing a point or pondering over critical experiences like other formats. Here you will have to come up with a topic that goes with the theme and write your own story. You will have to illustrate the topic and narrate all sides of it. Here are some quick tips to help [you in writing the perfect narrative essay.

Things to keep in mind while writing a narrative essay:

  • The first and foremost thing that you will have to consider is the topic you will be working on. There are many different topics but you will have to select something that will pique the reader’s interests. You may also select a topic that has been written by many students already but introduce a fresh perspective. It is all about writing your own views or experiences so if you have a topic that is fairly common, try to include ideas that are unique and interesting to the readers.

  • Once you have selected a subject to write on, do a little research. You will have to find a few facts that you can include in your paper. Even if you are going to write from your own experience, you can always include a few facts and improve your story with interesting information.

  • The next step is making the plan about the format and structure of the paper. If there are specific guidelines at your school or university, it is best written according to it. You can get a good and relevant sample to help you in the process. Make sure you know where to put which point and how you are going to say the whole story. If you are not that good at storytelling, your best bet is writing in a linear format. You can also experiment and try other formats of expressing the chain of events.

  • Most students make the mistake of trailing off. Do not lose focus and write about irrelevant topics. It is okay to introduce other necessary points before you move into the main topic but do it within the first two paragraphs.

  • Keep the plot well within your limits. If it is mentioned how long the essay has to be try to complete the whole story well within the limit. Do not introduce too many characters or develop a too complex plot.