A Quick Guide to the Proper Essay Narrative Structure

A typical narrative essay should tell a story and illustrate your point of view. To structure your paper effectively, you need to use some tools to break it down into parts.

Organizing Your Narrative Essay with Ease

  1. Include the necessary elements in your introduction.
  2. A strong first paragraph should start with a “hook” sentence. Then, you need to set the scene providing information to introduce your topic. Your thesis statement can either begin your story, describe the lesson learned, or identify how your narrative is connected to a bigger picture.

  3. Write three body paragraphs.
  4. Typically, your essay should include three ideas that expand your thesis. It’s recommended to include each one in a separate paragraph. Try to show details rather than talk about them by using all five senses. Remember to connect paragraphs to one another with transitions. Add a sufficient amount of evidence using time chronologically.

  5. Close your writing.
  6. A narrative essay conclusion should provide the readers with the moral of the tale. It’s important to close the event and analyze the significance of the story for you, as a writer. For instance, you may write about how what happened has affected your life.

  7. Revise your story.
  8. It’s hardly possible to create a persuasive narrative without drafting and revising the text. You may improve the sentence structure, add descriptions, and change the wording. It’s also vital to correct mechanical mistakes and typos.

    Narrative Essay Writing Tips

    • Stay on topic and don’t lose your focus.
    • Get a second opinion if you have any doubts about the essay’s structure and content.
    • Remember about your professor’s instructions, e.g. the paper’s length, a number of paragraphs, formatting style, etc.
    • Let your conclusion reveal a surprise by keeping the final question to be answered by the readers.
    • Use a second or third person narration rather than first-person.
    • Include a dialog if it helps you tell the story.

    So, it takes some effort to write an engaging narrative essay. You should focus on both the ideas you consider important and vivid details which make your paper interesting. It makes sense to spend some time to craft the structure or else you may confuse your readers and, therefore, fail to meet the assignment objectives. To make yourself familiar with how to compose a winning work, look for a few excellent samples in your school’s writing lab.