9 Interesting Ideas For A Comparative Essay On Othello

Othello is one of the typical characters in Shakespearean drama composed in Elizabethan period. Othello created by Shakespeare is the best dramas in which Iago, Desdemona, Emilie, and Othello are some of the protagonists playing different roles to attract the audience. When you write a comparative essay on Shakespeare’s Othello, compare him with other main characters in this excellent drama. Your comparison must be fruitful and effective. There are nine most interesting ideas to create an informative comparative essay on Shakespeare’s drama. You can compare Othello with Tim Blake’s unique movie entitled O. This popular movie showcases the prominent themes of jealousy and racism. Iago is the awkward character who is self- opinionated, arrogant, and selfish. So before writing this comparative content, write down nine ideas to compose a qualitative write-up on Othello.

  • First Idea
  • Read different types of books to find the typical characters with lot of similarities and dissimilarities with Othello. You will get research materials for effective comparison.

  • Second Idea
  • After watching move O, you will have stamina to compose the excellent piece of content. O movie director has used a number of ultra modern techniques and cinematic effect to delineate the characters in O. Both creators (Shakespeare and Tim) try to make the audience understand the value of honesty, truthfulness and fairness without playing hide and seek policy.

  • Third Idea
  • In your comparative content, illustrate the influence of the caustic racism brewing up in 16th Century Elizabethan period. Help readers going back to Elizabethan realm to see the dramatized presentation. They need to be aware of the negative impact of racism.

  • Fourth Idea
  • Showcase Iago. He once said that he didn’t know what he is. Similarly, in Exodus, hero believes that he knows what he is. Iago is a master in plotting hushing up truth. Hus presence in Othello is impressive as he projects himself as a truthful person. In reality, he is not such an honest person.

  • Fifth Idea
  • Iago is the sole manipulator to bring death penalties to Desdemona, Othello and Emilia. So explain the role of Iago comparing him with the protagonist character in Tim’s O.

  • Sixth Idea
  • Shakespeare’s Othello can also be compared and contrasted with Hamlet, another masterpiece of Shakespeare during 16th century. Iago’s appearance in the drama is prominent to draw the attention of the audience. He is a treacherous person who has plotted to divert Othello because of losing his position to Casio. He forces Othello to withdraw trust from Desdemona even in spire of having no concrete proof. During comparison, do the proper characterization comparing Iago with Hamlet.

  • Seventh Idea
  • Othello has met with destruction due to lack of perspective as you encountered Gatsby. He takes wrong routes to have the favor from Daisy. Same way, Othello has taken decision depending on words of outsider named Iago. So both characters have low vision with least confidence to do the proper data analysis independently. While writing such a write-up, take examples and quoted lines from Gatsby to do the better analysis in this regard.

  • Eighth Idea
  • Precisely give a short thesis statement in the content in the beginning. The introduction must project your plans and views to do the job successfully.

  • Ninth Idea
  • Don’t forget to write the conclusion restating the thesis sentences in the last paragraph precisely. Evaluate the content by offering some neutral views regarding the significance of Othello in the drama.

Nine interesting ideas will assist you to highlight the character of Othello comparing him with other protagonists. You will get lot of facts and ingredients from internet to construct your content sketching Othello and his associates like Iago (main plotter), Desdemona (whom Othello didn’t believe for her being unfaithful to husband) and Emilia.